Ships of the Canadian Navy

These pages list most of the ships that have served the Canadian Navy yesterday and today. To browse our database, please choose a letter from our index:

AGASSIZ FLOWER Class 1939-1940  Corvette 
ALBERNI FLOWER Class 1939-1940  Corvette 
ALGERINE Phoenix-class  Sloop 
ALGOMA FLOWER Class 1939-1940  Corvette 
ALGONQUIN (1st) V Class ex-Royal Navy  Destroyer 
ALGONQUIN (2nd) Iroquois/Tribal Update  Destroyer 
AMBLER N/A  Armed Yacht 
AMHERST FLOWER Class 1939-1940  Corvette 
ANNAN RIVER Class EX-RN  Frigate 
ANNAPOLIS (1st) TOWN  Destroyer 
ANNAPOLIS (2nd) Annapolis  Helicopter Destroyer 
ANTICOSTI Western Isles Class  A/S Trawler 
ANTICOSTI (2nd) Anticosti Class  Minesweeper Auxiliary 
ANTIGONISH RIVER Class 43-44 Programme  Frigate 
ARLEUX Battle Class  Trawler 
ARMENTIERES Battle Class  Trawler 
ARNPRIOR CASTLE Class (Ex RN)  Corvette 
ARRAS Battle Class  Trawler 
ARROWHEAD FLOWER Class 1939-1940  Corvette 
ARVIDA FLOWER Class 1939-1940  Corvette 
ASBESTOS Revised FLOWER (1943-44 Program)  Corvette 
ASSINIBOINE (1st) RIVER Class British  Destroyer 
ASSINIBOINE (2nd) St. Laurent  Destroyer Escort 
ASTERIX Resolve  Auxiliary replenishment vessel 
ATHABASKAN (1st) TRIBAL 1940s  Destroyer 
ATHABASKAN (2nd) TRIBAL 1940s  Destroyer 
ATHABASKAN (3rd) Iroquois/Tribal Update  Destroyer 
ATHOLL Revised FLOWER (1942-43 Program)  Corvette 
AURORA Arethusa  Cruiser