The History of the TEME

Named after a river on the English-Welsh boarder, she was commissioned in the RCN at Middlesbrough on February 28, 1944. After working up, Teme was assigned in May to EG 6, Londonderry, and spent her whole career with this group. She was present on D-Day, and on June 10 was rammed in the Channel by the escort carrier HMS Tracker, and cut almost in half abaft the bridge. She was towed by Outremont 200 miles to Cardiff, where she remained under repair until Christmas. In January, 1945, she went to Tobermory to work up, returning to Londonderry on February 9 to rejoin her group. On March 29, while escorting a coastal convoy, BTC.111, in the Channel off Falmouth, she was torpedoed by U 246, losing 60 feet of her stern. Surveyed at Falmouth, she was declared a constructive total loss, paid off on May 4 and handed back to the RN. She was broken up at Llanelly, Wales, in 1946.

TEME Statistical Data

  • Pendant: K458
  • Type: Frigate
  • Class: RIVER Class EX-RN
  • Displacement: 1445 tonnes
  • Length: 301.5 ft
  • Width: 36.6 ft
  • Draught: 9 ft
  • Speed: 19 kts
  • Compliment: 8 Officers and 133 Crew
  • Arms: 2-4" (1 x II), 4-20mm, Hedgehog
  • Builder: Smith?s Dock Co., South Bank-on-Tees, U.K.
  • Keel Laid: 25-May-43
  • Date Launched: 11-Nov-43
  • Date Commissioned: 28-Feb-44
  • Paid off: 04-May-45

Keywords: HMCS TEME, Royal Canadian Navy Ship, Frigate, RIVER Class EX-RN Class