Badges of the RCN
A gallery of nearly all ships badges created for the RCN, plus resources on the heritage and heraldry of the badge.

The Commissioning of HMCS SASKATCHEWAN
THE LATEST member of the RCN’s family of anti-submarine destroy-escorts — the gleaming HMCS Saskatchewan—was commissioned into the fleet at Esquimalt on Saturday, February 16. Close to 550 invited guests attended the afternoon event. They represented all levels of government, industry, business, and the armed forces. (Go to Article)

The State of the RCN in 1963
On the morning of Tuesday, July 9, 1963, Vice-Admiral H. S. Rayner, Chief of the Naval Staff, appeared before the House of Commons special committee on defence and gave a comprehensive picture of the Royal Canadian Navy of today and its plans for the future. (Go to Article)

The Beartrap - A Canadian Invention
THE PILOT moves the helicopter slowly ahead, keeping pace with the ship. He is about 50 feet above a heaving, rolling deck. He releases a thin wire messenger. It brings back a heavier wire from the flight deck. The slack is taken up—it tightens. Slowly the helicopter descends on its “umbilical cord”. The descent quickens. As the helicopter touches down, steel jaws grip it. What is this? “Beartrap” they call it — the new haul-down system for landing helicopters on destroyer escorts. (Go to Article)