The Navy’s female athlete of the year is “en garde” for gold!

Bravo Zulu to Lieutenant(N) Chantel Helwer from HMCS Chippawa in Winnipeg, an elite-level fencer recently named the Royal Canadian Navy’s Female Athlete of the Year.

In 2013, Lt(N) Helwer won the silver medal at the Canadian University Championships which qualified her to compete at the World Championships in Hungary that same year. In yet another amazing accomplishment, Lt(N) Helwer has just been named to Team Canada for the 2014 Commonwealth Fencing Championships, taking place this November in Scotland.

This year, other fencing competitions will take her to Venezuela, China, Europe and the U.S. She will also assume the role of team captain for the International Military Sports Council women’s sabre team, which will be participating in the 2015 World Military Games in South Korea.

If that wasn’t enough, Lt(N) Helwer also finds time to study law at the University of Manitoba when she’s not tending to her Naval Reserve duties or fencing.

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