The History of the VICTORIA

Originally built for the RN, she was commissioned on July 20, 1991 as HMS Unseen. Paid off in 1994, she was eventually purchased by the Canadian government in 1998. After modification to meet Canadian standards, she was commissioned into the Canadian Navy on December 2, 2000.

On arrival at Halifax she went into a short refit period with repairs estimated to take six months - but lasting until 2003. She was then transferred to Esquimalt - the first submarine based there since HMCS Rainbow was paid-off.

Operating during 2004 and 2005, she was in and out of dry dock for repairs. In 2005 she went into a prolonged refit. During this refit dock yard workers inadvertently caused extensive damage to her electrical system when they hooked up DC power from shore.

In April 2011, Victoria began post refit sea trails, and was declared operational in 2012 after firing a torpedo and sinking USNS Concord during a live fire-ex.

VICTORIA Statistical Data

  • Pendant: 876
  • Type: Submarine
  • Class: Victoria (Ex-Upholder)
  • Displacement: 2168 surfaced, 2455 dived tonnes
  • Length: 231 m ft
  • Width: 25 m ft
  • Draught: 18 m ft
  • Speed: 12 surfaced, 20 dived, 12 snorti kts
  • Compliment: 7 Officers and 40 Crew
  • Arms: Six forward 21" tubes for 18 Mk.48 Mod 4 torpedoes
  • Builder: Cammall Laird, Birkenhead.
  • Keel Laid: Jan-86
  • Date Launched: 14-Nov-89
  • Date Commissioned: 23-Nov-00
  • Paid off:


Endurance: 49 days stores and 90 hours at 3 kts dived. Ex-RN Upholder HMS UNSEEN, commissioned June 7th 1991, taken out of RN service in April, 1994, after Britain decided to continue operating only nuclear-propelled submarines.

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