The History of the WEYBURN

Commissioned at Montreal on November 26, 1941, she arrived at Halifax on December 6 and joined Halifax Force for local escort work, but was soon in need of repairs. These were carried out at Halifax during March and April, following which she joined WLEF. In July she transferred to Gulf Escort Force for Quebec City-Sydney convoys but in September was allocated to duties in connection with Operation "Torch." She arrived at Londonderry on September 27 from convoy SC.100, and at Liverpool on October 2 for fitting of Oerlikon A/A guns. The work was completed on October 21 and in November Weyburn began four months' employment as escort to U.K.-Mediterranean convoys. On February 22, 1943, she struck a mine laid off Gibraltar three weeks earlier by U 118, and was lost with seven of her ship's company.

WEYBURN Statistical Data

  • Pendant: K173
  • Type: Corvette
  • Class: FLOWER Class 1939-1940
  • Displacement: 950 tonnes
  • Length: 205.1 ft
  • Width: 33.1 ft
  • Draught: 11.5 ft
  • Speed: 16 kts
  • Compliment: 6 Officers and 79 Crew
  • Arms: 1-4" Gun, 1-2 pdr, 2-20mm, Hedgehog
  • Builder: Burrard Dry Dock Co. Ltd.. Vancouver. B.C.
  • Keel Laid: 21-Dec-40
  • Date Launched: 26-Jul-41
  • Date Commissioned: 26-Nov-41
  • Paid off: 22-Feb-43


Lost to a mine off Gibralter 22 Feb 43. Seven of her ship's company were lost.

Keywords: HMCS WEYBURN, Royal Canadian Navy Ship, Corvette, FLOWER Class 1939-1940 Class