HMCS SKEENA (2nd) (207)


The History of the SKEENA (2nd)

Built at Burrard Dry Dock, Vancouver, Skeena was commissioned on 30 March 1957. On 14 August 1965, after a year's work at Davie Shipbuilding, Lauzon, she was re-commissioned in DDH format and allocated for service out of Halifax. In 1972 she was designated a French Language Unit. Along with Fraser and Protecteur, she provided security, rescue crews and emergency support at the Montreal Olympics of 1976. Skeena underwent her DELEX refit at Montreal between 12 April and 20 November 1981. In the summer of 1991 she took part in the NATO exercise Ocean Safari '91, soon afterward visiting St. Lawrence and Great Lake ports to encourage recruiting and public awareness. After steaming more than 980 nautical miles, the venerable ship was paid off on 1 November 1993, and on 3 July 1996 left Halifax in tow for India to be broken up.

SKEENA (2nd) Statistical Data

  • Pendant: 207
  • Type: Destroyer Escort
  • Class: St. Laurent
  • Displacement: 2,263 tonnes
  • Length: 366 ft
  • Width: 42 ft
  • Draught: 13.2 ft
  • Speed: 28 kts
  • Compliment: 12 Officers and 237 Crew
  • Arms: 4 - 3" (2 X II), 2 - 40MM, 2 Limbo, Homing Torpedoes. After refit to DDH: 2 - 3" (1 x II), 1 Limbo, Homing Torpedoes, Helicopter
  • Builder: Burrard D.D. Co., Vancouver
  • Keel Laid: 01-Jun-51
  • Date Launched: 19-Aug-52
  • Date Commissioned: 30-Mar-57
  • Paid off: 01-Nov-93


Two major refit/reconfigurations. Re-commissioned as DDH 14 Aug 65. DELEX refit comnpleted 1981.

Keywords: HMCS SKEENA (2nd), Royal Canadian Navy Ship, Destroyer Escort, St. Laurent Class