The History of the PRINCE DAVID

Formerly a three-funnelled Canadian National Steamships liner, she was purchased on December 19, 1939, and after very extensive conversion commissioned at Halifax on December 28, 1940, as an armed merchant cruiser. After working up at Bermuda in January and February, 1941 Prince David was assigned to the RN's America and West Indies Station for the rest of the year. That December she was transferred to Esquimalt and in May, 1942, after refit at Esquimalt and Vancouver, joined Esquimalt Force. From August to November she served under USN control in the Aleutian campaign. She then resumed her former duties out of Esquimalt until the beginning of March, 1943, when she was paid off for conversion to an infantry landing ship. The rebuilding, which took place at Esquimalt and Vancouver, was completed that December, and shortly after re-commissioning she left for the U.K. via Cristobal and New York. Upon arrival in the Clyde in February, 1944, Prince David joined Combined Operations Command, and landed troops in Normandy on D-Day. In July she left for the Mediterranean to take part in Operation "Dragoon," the invasion of southern France, on August 15. She was extensive service in the Mediterranean until damaged by a mine on December 10, 1044, off Aegina Island, Greece. Repaired at Ferryville, North Africa, she left in March, 1945, to refit at Esquimalt, but saw no further service was was paid off in June. Sold in 1948 for mercantile purposes and renamed Charlton Monarch, she was broken up in 1951.

PRINCE DAVID Statistical Data

  • Pendant: F89
  • Type: Armed Merchant Cruiser
  • Class:
  • Displacement: 5736 tonnes
  • Length: 385 ft
  • Width: 57 ft
  • Draught: 21 ft
  • Speed: 22 kts
  • Compliment: 31 Officers and 386 Crew
  • Arms: 4-4" Guns (2 x II), 2-2pdrs, 8-20mm
  • Builder: Cammell, Laird & Co., Birkenhead, U.K.
  • Keel Laid:
  • Date Launched: 13-Apr-05
  • Date Commissioned: 28-Dec-40
  • Paid off: 11-Jun-45

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