The History of the P.V. I-IV

The P.V. Class of Minesweepers were built as Menhaden trawlers. These ships were purchased in the United States and built in Connecticut, Maine, and Massachusetts. A total of 7 were acquired and numbered I through VII. Prior to service in the RCN, these trawlers were used in Atlantic Menhaden fishery.

HMCS P.V. I - VII were purchased and armed by the RCN to form a flotilla of already built ships capable of being minesweepers. They were based out of Sydney, Nova Scotia, and saw service as Minesweeper Patrol Boats from March, 1917 - April, 1919. In 1919 the class was decommissioned, disarmed, sold, and returned to their former occupation as Menhaden Trawlers.

P.V. I-IV Statistical Data

  • Pendant:
  • Type: Minesweeper
  • Class: Menhaden Trawler
  • Displacement: 258 tonnes
  • Length: 157 ft
  • Width: 23 ft
  • Draught: 12 ft
  • Speed: 8 kts
  • Compliment: Officers and Crew
  • Arms: 1 - 12 pdr.
  • Builder: Various US Builders
  • Keel Laid:
  • Date Launched: 1903-1912
  • Date Commissioned:
  • Paid off:


Dimensions are average values across the class.

Additional Information

Original Names Prior to Commissioning: P.V. I William B. Murray P.V. II Amagansett P.V. III Herbert N. Edwards P.V. IV Martin J. Marran P.V. V Rollin E. Mason P.V. VI Leander Wilcox P.V. VII Rowland H. Wilcox

Keywords: HMCS P.V. I-IV, Royal Canadian Navy Ship, Minesweeper, Menhaden Trawler Class