HMCS OTTAWA (1st) (H60)


The History of the OTTAWA (1st)

HMCS Ottawa (H60) was a River-class destroyer that served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1938?1942.

She was laid down on 12 September 1930 at Portsmouth Dockyard, Portsmouth and launched 30 September 1931. She was finished at Hawthorn Leslie, Newcastle upon Tyne and commissioned into the Royal Navy as C-class destroyer HMS Crusader (H60) in 1932. She was decommissioned from the RN on 15 June 1938 when she was commissioned into the RCN at Chatham as HMCS Ottawa (H60).

Originally stationed with the RCN's Pacific Fleet, Ottawa was transferred to the Atlantic Fleet following the outbreak of World War II and was assigned to convoy duty in the North Atlantic.

During the first year of the war, Ottawa conducted convoy escort duties in the western Atlantic. In the fall of 1940, Ottawa was deployed to Scotland to assist in local escort operations. Ottawa assisted HMS Harvester sink the Italian Marcello class submarine Faa di Bruno in November. On September 25, 1940 She rescued survivors of two British merchant ships: Fifty-six from the British merchant Sulairia and 64 from Eurymedon. She also rescued 29 survivors of the Dutch merchant Bussum which had been sunk by U-100.

Ottawa returned to Canada in spring 1941 and was assigned to the RCN's Newfoundland Escort Force where she continued her service in the waters of that country.

Ottawa was the leader of Escort Group C-4 for convoys ON-105, HX-133,[3] ON-116, SC-96 and ON-127.[4] On 14 September 1942 at 02:05 local time, while escorting Convoy ON-127 500 nautical miles (930 km) east of St. John's, Newfoundland, Ottawa was torpedoed by U-91. Less than 30 minutes later, unable to maneuver, she was hit by a second torpedo. The second attack broke her in half, sinking her. 114 crew lost their lives, including the commanding officer, while 65 survivors were rescued by nearby vessels.

OTTAWA (1st) Statistical Data

  • Pendant: H60
  • Type: Destroyer
  • Class: RIVER Class British
  • Displacement: 1375 tonnes
  • Length: 329 ft
  • Width: 33 ft
  • Draught: 10.2 ft
  • Speed: 31 kts
  • Compliment: 10 Officers and 171 Crew
  • Arms: 4-4.7", 8-21" Torpedo Tube (2 x IV), 2-2 pdrs. Modified to 2-4.7", 1-3", 4-21" Torpedo Tubes (I x IV), 6-20mm and Hedgehog as war began.
  • Builder: Portsmouth Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth, U.K.
  • Keel Laid: 12-Sep-30
  • Date Launched: 30-Sep-31
  • Date Commissioned: 15-Jun-38
  • Paid off: 14-Sep-42


Ex HMS CRUSADER. Sunk by U91 in the North Atlantic, while escorting convoy ON.127. Lost at about 2330 on 13th September, 1942 due to enemy action being hit by two torpedoes. 114 of her Ship's Company lost.

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