The History of the MEDICINE HAT

Commissioned at Montreal on December 4, 1941, she arrived at Halifax on December 13 and was allocated to WLEF and then, in June, 1942, to Sydney Force. In January 1943, she returned to WLEF but was transferred to Halifax Force in June, and there remained until May 1944, apart from a brief absence from November to December, 1943, when she was lent to Newfoundland Force. In May, 1944, she returned to Sydney Force until January 1945, when she was transferred to Newfoundland Force until VE-Day. She was thereafter employed at miscellaneous duties on the Atlantic coast until November 6, 1945, when she was paid off at Halifax and laid up at Shelburne. In 1946 Medicine Hat was placed in strategic reserve at Sorel until reacquired in 1951 and taken to Sydney. She remained in Sydney until she was transferred to the Turkish Navy on November 29, 1957. Renamed Biga, she remained in service until 1963.

MEDICINE HAT Statistical Data

  • Pendant: J256
  • Type: Minesweeper
  • Class: BANGOR Class (40-41 Regular Programme)
  • Displacement: 672 tonnes
  • Length: 180 ft
  • Width: 28.5 ft
  • Draught: 8.3 ft
  • Speed: 16 kts
  • Compliment: 6 Officers and 77 Crew
  • Arms: 1-4" Gun, 1-3" Gun, 2-20mm
  • Builder: Canadian Vickers Ltd., Montreal. Que.
  • Keel Laid: 01-Oct-41
  • Date Launched: 25-Jun-41
  • Date Commissioned: 04-Dec-41
  • Paid off: 06-Nov-45


After 1949 Recommissioned as Pendant 197.

Keywords: HMCS MEDICINE HAT, Royal Canadian Navy Ship, Minesweeper, BANGOR Class (40-41 Regular Programme) Class