The History of the GUELPH

Commissioned at Toronto on May 9, 1944, Guelph arrived at Halifax early in June and left on July 2, escorting the ancient RN submarines P.553 and P.554 to Philadelphia. She then proceeded to Bermuda for workups, leaving there on August 2, for New York, where she joined EG W-3. She served with this group as a local escort until late September, when she was transferred to EG C-8 which, although forming in Londonderry, was to be based at St. John's. She made her passage eastward as escort to convoy HFX.310. On her final transatlantic trip she left Belfast on April 9, 1945, to be based at Halifax until paid off on June 27 at Sorel. On October 2, she was sold to a New York buyer; retaining her name under Panamanian flag. She was last noted in Lloyd's Register for 1964-65 as Burfin, a name she had borne since 1956.

GUELPH Statistical Data

  • Pendant: K687
  • Type: Corvette
  • Class: Revised FLOWER (1942-43 Program)
  • Displacement: 970 tonnes
  • Length: 208.3 ft
  • Width: 33.1 ft
  • Draught: 11 ft
  • Speed: 16 kts
  • Compliment: 6 Officers and 79 Crew
  • Arms: 1-4" Gun, 1-2 pdr, 2-20mm, Hedgehog
  • Builder: Collingwood Shipyards Ltd., Collingwood. Ont.
  • Keel Laid: 29-May-43
  • Date Launched: 20-Dec-43
  • Date Commissioned: 09-May-44
  • Paid off: 27-Jun-45

Keywords: HMCS GUELPH, Royal Canadian Navy Ship, Corvette, Revised FLOWER (1942-43 Program) Class