HMCS FRASER (2nd) (233)


The History of the FRASER (2nd)

HMCS Fraser (DDH 233) is a St. Laurent-class destroyer that served in the Canadian Navy from 1957?1994.

Fraser was commissioned into the RCN on 28 June 1957 and initially carried the pendant number DDE 233 as a destroyer escort, based until 1965 at Esquimalt, British Columbia. She began conversion to a destroyer helicopter escort (DDH) in 1965 and was officially reclassed with pennant DDH 233 on 22 October 1966. The DDH Fraser served repeatedly as a demonstration platform for new naval technology in the Canadian Navy. She demonstrated the Canadian "beartrap" helicopter haul-down system in 1967 during a visit to Washington, DC. In 1968, Fraser was the first Canadian ship to carry the Experimental Towed Array Sonar System and was the first to test the NIXIE torpedo decoy system.

Fraser was selected by the Canadian Forces for the Destroyer Life Extension (DELEX) project and completed this refit on 28 May 1982. The destroyer was decommissioned from active service in the Forces on 5 October 1994 and placed in category C reserve.

After Fraser was declared surplus she was given to the Artificial Reef Society of Nova Scotia. However she was never considered as a candidate for an artificial reef but was towed to Bridgewater, NS where she was stored for possible use as a museum ship. She remained in Bridgwater until September 2010, when she was towed to be scrapped by Marine Recycling Corporation, in Port Colborne, Ontario.

FRASER (2nd) Statistical Data

  • Pendant: 233
  • Type: Destroyer Escort
  • Class: St. Laurent
  • Displacement: 2,263 tonnes
  • Length: 366 ft
  • Width: 42 ft
  • Draught: 13.2 ft
  • Speed: 28 kts
  • Compliment: 12 Officers and 237 Crew
  • Arms: 4 - 3" (2 X II), 2 - 40MM, 2 Limbo, Homing Torpedoes. After refit to DDH: 2 - 3" (1 x II), 1 Limbo, Homing Torpedoes, Helicopter
  • Builder: Burrard D.D. Co., Vancouver
  • Keel Laid: 11-Dec-51
  • Date Launched: 19-Feb-53
  • Date Commissioned: 28-Jun-57
  • Paid off: 05-Oct-94

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