The History of the FESTUBERT

HMCS Festubert was one of twelve Battle class naval trawlers used by the Royal Canadian Navy. Built at Polson Iron Works in Toronto, Festubert was commissioned on 13 November 1917. Laid up on the east coast after the end of the war, she was recommissioned for training and other duties in May 1923, but was again placed in reserve in 1934. During the Second World War, Festubert, designated Gate Vessel 17, was one of the gate vessels in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sold in 1946 and renamed Inverleigh, on 30 June 1971 she was scuttled off Burgeo, Newfoundland.

FESTUBERT Statistical Data

  • Pendant:
  • Type: Trawler
  • Class: Battle Class
  • Displacement: 320 tonnes
  • Length: 130 ft
  • Width: 23.4 ft
  • Draught: 13.4 ft
  • Speed: 10 kts
  • Compliment: Officers and Crew
  • Arms: 1 - 12 pdr
  • Builder: Polson Iron Works, Toronto
  • Keel Laid: Unknown
  • Date Launched: 02-Aug-17
  • Date Commissioned:
  • Paid off:

Keywords: HMCS FESTUBERT, Royal Canadian Navy Ship, Trawler, Battle Class Class