The History of the BRAS D'OR (1st)

The 265 ton HMCS Bras d'Or was built at Sorel, Quebec in 1918. She was employed as a Naval Service Trawler, Lightship #25 and, finally, a minesweeper. She joined the St. Lawrence Patrol in June 1940, being based at Rimouski, Quebec. On the night of Oct 18-19, 1940, while keeping the Romanian freighter Ingener N. Vlasspol under surveillance in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the minesweeper disappeared. Investigation determined that: the Bras d'Or was not rammed as there was no damage to the freighter; the minesweeper was seen by a pilot of the Rimouski Pilot Service on Oct 17, who said that she seemed to be grounded just offshore; a report from the mate on the Ingener N. Vlasspol stated that the lights on the Bras d'Or were extinguished at 3:50 a.m. Oct 19 and that a search was later made but nothing was ever found and no bodies were ever found. The complement was 30 men.

BRAS D'OR (1st) Statistical Data

  • Pendant:
  • Type: Auxiliary Minesweeper
  • Class: Bras D'or
  • Displacement: tonnes
  • Length: ft
  • Width: ft
  • Draught: ft
  • Speed: kts
  • Compliment: Officers and Crew
  • Arms:
  • Builder:
  • Keel Laid:
  • Date Launched:
  • Date Commissioned:
  • Paid off:

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