The History of the ATHABASKAN (3rd)

HMCS Athabaskan (DDG 282) is an Iroquois-class destroyer that has served the Canadian Forces since 1972.

Athabaskan is the third ship of her class which is sometimes referred to as the Tribal-class or simply as the 280-class. She is the third vessel to use the designation HMCS Athabaskan.

Athabaskan was laid down on 1 June 1969 at Davie Shipbuilding, Lauzon and was launched on 27 November 1970. She was officially commissioned into the CF on 30 September 1972 and carries the hull classification symbol 282.

Athabaskan completed a refit known as the Tribal Class Update and Modernization Project (TRUMP) on 4 June 1994. At this time her classification changed from Destroyer Helicopter (DDH) to Destroyer Guided Missile (DDG).

She is assigned to Maritime Forces Atlantic (MARLANT) and is homeported at CFB Halifax.

ATHABASKAN (3rd) Statistical Data

  • Pendant: 282
  • Type: Destroyer
  • Class: Iroquois/Tribal Update
  • Displacement: 3,551 tonnes
  • Length: 398 ft
  • Width: 50 ft
  • Draught: 14 ft
  • Speed: 30 kts
  • Compliment: 14 Officers and 230 Crew
  • Arms: 2-3" (1 X II), 1 Limbo ASW Mortar, Sea Sparrow SAM, 2 Sea King Helos. Modified after TRUMP Update: 1 Martin Marietta Mk 41 Vertical Launch System containing 29 General Dynamics surface to air Standard SM-2MR missiles, 1 OTO Melara 76mm 3in/Super Rapid Gun, Phalanx and 6-324mm MK 32 2 triple torpedo tubes.
  • Builder: Davie Shipbuilding, Lauzon Quebec
  • Keel Laid: 01-Jun-69
  • Date Launched: 27-Nov-70
  • Date Commissioned: 30-Sep-72
  • Paid off: 10-Mar-17


After TRUMP Refit: Displacement 5100 Tonnes (Fully Loaded), Length: 127.8 m, Beam: 15.0 m, Draught: 4.7 m, Speed 29 kts, Complement - 280 men and officers.

Additional Information

HMCS ATHABASKAN prior to Trump refit.

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