50 years ago – Rear-Admiral William M. Landymore

Rear-Admiral Bill Landymore
Rear-Admiral Bill Landymore

August 16th, 1964:

It was announced that the Atlantic and Pacific areas are getting new naval commanders in mid-November.

Rear-Admiral William M. Landymore, 48-year-old native of Brantford, will succeed retiring Rear-Admiral Jeffry Brock as flag officer Atlantic coast and maritime commander Atlantic.

Succeeding Rear-Admiral Landymore as flag officer Pacific and maritime commander Pacific will be Rear-Admiral Michael G. Stirling, 49, of Kelowna, B.C.

Rear-Admiral Landymore joined the Royal Canadian Navy as a cadet in 1936.

He served on the destroyer HMCS Fraser when the ship was lost in a collision at sea in June of 1940. In September of the same year he was serving on the HMCS Margaree when she was sunk in a collision in the North Atlantic.

Biography: http://readyayeready.com/biographies/Bill-Landymore.php

Reference: http://www.brantfordexpositor.ca/2014/08/16/flashback-aug-16

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