Jackspeak: Certain words or terminology that is used in the Canadian Navy.

The Canadian Navy has it's own terminology and slang that is still evolving to this day. Much of the language used is still derived from the Royal Navy, although as Canadians many local customs and slang have come about.

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Rabbit - Government property taken or converted for private use.

Rack - A sailor's bunk

Rack Monster - Someone who logs more hours asleep than awake

Rack Time - Sleep

Rake - To lean or incline from the upright. Range To layout rope or cable.

Rat Guard - Circular or conical metal plates attached to a ship's berthing hawsers to prevent rats getting aboard.

Rattle - To be in trouble.

Red Sea Rig - Dress in short sleeve white shirt and dress pants with a cummerbund. Red Sea rig is a RN term but it has been adopted by most navies as a wardroom order of dress. It was traditionally used in the days before A/C and represents a relaxed form of wardroom dress. Traditionally there was no temperature hot enough to cause officers to relax their dress. But one exception was made and it was in the Red Sea which was far enough away from England and sufficiently remote that a relaxation could be afforded.

Refit - To repair.

Requestmen - Personnel appearing formally before the executive officer or commanding officer with a request.

Rhib (RHIB) - Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat. Pronounced RIB.

Rig of the Day - The uniform to be worn for the day or for a specific activity as laid down in routine orders or by announcement to the ship's company.

Rig Run - To go ashore, when in other than home port, in uniform.

Ring Knocker - An Royal Military College graduate.

Rocket - A letter or memo of reprimand.

Rogues Salute - A single gun fired at colours on the day of a court martial.

Rosie - Short for the american naval base at Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico.

Round-Down - The rounded bow of the original St. Laurent Class of destroyers.

Roundly - Rapidly or fast.

Rounds - A complete walk around the ship, checking on all spaces.

Run - To go ashore when in other than home port, and particularly go on a bender; To press disciplinary charges against a sailor ie. "To run him".

Run Down - To ram, by accident or purposely.

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